« Restons Amis » new extract from the CHEEKO’s first album Le Merveilleux Voyage de Cheeko au Pays des FDP (The Fantastic Cheeko’s Travel in the Mother Fuckers’ Country). A new track full of humour which confirms the MC as advised writter. CHEEKO in a crooneur style (which suits him perfectly) paints small moments of life which are not last for ever but leave a long term mark.

A track which follows this first album universe making you pass from laugh to tears in few beats and proving that rap was’nt better before. Many beatmakers are on this album like BLANKA, TIGERZ, S.O.A.P and YEPES & PLAE CASI.
But on this one this is FATBABS at production with a haunting melody running through your head. Warning, murder loops and outrageous tempos are solid bases of this not magical but realistic travel in the mother fuckers’ country to listen urgently !

Album :


On tour

  • sinsemilia, 25 May 2019
    St Aubin de Médoc (33) @ Festival Les Noctambules – Gratuit
  • iseo-dodosound, 31 May 2019
    La Seyne sur Mer (83) @ Festival Couleurs Urbaines
  • sinsemilia, 01 June 2019
    Juvigny (51) @ Festival Les Moissons Rock
  • sinsemilia, 08 June 2019
    St Quentin-en-Yvelines (78) @ Festival La Tour met les Watts
  • volodia, 08 June 2019
    Voisins-le-Bretonneux (78) @ Festival La Tour met les Watts
  • sinsemilia, 15 June 2019
    Verdun (55) @ Festival Inglorious
  • natty-jean, 15 June 2019
    Fresnes-sur-Escaut (59) @ Festival Les Agités du Mélange
  • sinsemilia, 16 June 2019
    Saint Chamond (42) @ Festival La Rue des Artistes
  • sinsemilia, 21 June 2019
    Hyères (83) @ Fête de la musique – Gratuit
  • sinsemilia, 22 June 2019
    Morsang-sur-Orge (91) @ Fête de la ville