To evaluate the scope of the adventure of SINSEMILIA, we could let express the figures: more than 20 years existence, more than one million of cd sold, more than 1000 live concerts; one title “Tout Le Bonheur du Monde”: the most broadcasted on the french radios during these 8 last years; 5 Olympia sold out… We could but it would be simplistic.
Built around the friendship of young teenagers, “Sinsé” is first of all a wonderful human success. How many groups of 10 musicians are still together twenty years later their creation with a team practically the same as the beginning?
It’s certainly these ties that make the strength of SINSEMILIA. The pleasure they show on stage by being together is plain to be seen by everybody and extremly communicative. The smiles which arise on stage overcome quickly the audience; their sincerity even touch the more indifferent carrying away the crowd into the feast.
Then, there is that music: such a special style! In fact, if SINSEMILIA has been for a long time one of the spearhead of the french reggae stage, if it was one of its forerunner, one of those who “opens the doors” with their opus “Première Récolte” (first crop) or “Resistances”, it is also really an original group. Here, no Jamaican clichés, no pale imitation, a proper style where love of reggae is mixed with a real rock energy and with love of using peculiar words from the “chanson française”.
And of course there are the concerts which have built this group as one of the the most appreciated stage attractions in France. Here all is thought so that music can serve a true real show (and vice versa).The 10 musicians are never passive behind their instruments but full of energy, united in a show where the political commitment is present but blended with humour, in a show where we repeat in chorus this tunes which have marked a generation (like the famous “Mauvaise Réputation” of Georges Brassens) or “Douanier 007” or “Tout C’Qu’on A” : a moment where we dance, where we jump, and where we sometimes, wipe away a tear.
From “Première Récolte” to the last Live album, SINSEMILIA has built a story rich in many points, directed by a feeling of sincerity and originality. If they are as they often say, ”music-makers”, their work, after 20 years deserve respect.

Label : Echo Productions

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Nationalité : French

Résidence : Grenoble

SINSEMILIA en concert

  • 21 juin 2019
    Hyères (83) @Fête de la musique – Gratuit
  • 22 juin 2019
    Morsang-sur-Orge (91) @Fête de la ville
  • 28 juin 2019
    Hénin-Beaumont (62) @L’escapade « Les 50 ans »
  • 29 juin 2019
    Vivonne (86) @Festival Le Chant des Grôles
  • 06 juillet 2019
    Cénevières (46) @Cénevières Festival
  • 18 juillet 2019
    Cusset (03) @Nuits d’été
  • 20 juillet 2019
    Ambert (63) @World Festival Ambert
  • 27 juillet 2019
    Sélestat (67) @Festival Summer Vibrations
  • 03 août 2019
    Le Rocher Bernard (56) @Festival des Garennes – gratuit
  • 04 août 2019
    Frangy (74) @Nomade Reggae Festival
  • 10 août 2019
    Saint Malo (35) @No Logo BZH
  • 24 août 2019
    Pontarlier (25) @Les Estivales (gratuit)
  • 30 août 2019
  • 31 août 2019
    La Pommeraye (49) @Festival City Trucks
  • 07 septembre 2019
    Frontignan (34) @Festipop
  • 14 septembre 2019
    Camiers - Ste Cécile (62) @Freerider Fest’ – GRATUIT
  • 20 septembre 2019
    Portet-sur-Garonne (31) @Festival Mediterraneo
  • 21 septembre 2019
    Ambazac (87) @Festi’Zac
  • 10 octobre 2019
    Montélimar (26) @Palais des Congrès
  • 11 octobre 2019
    Grenoble (38) @Le Summum (+ DUB INC)
  • 19 octobre 2019
    Issoudun (36) @Issoudun Reggae Temple
  • 23 novembre 2019
    Paris (75) @L’Elysée Montmartre
  • 06 décembre 2019
    Bagnols sur Cèze (30) @La MOBA