Iseo & Dodosound

Iseo & Dodosound

In 2014, the paths of Iseo & Dodosound crossed, with their distinctive musical influences a mix of new textures and sounds emerged, bringing a creative explosion of new and unknown musical horizons. Their first autoproduced LP « Cat Platoon (2015) » experiments with the subtle balance of digital and analog elements. With this first album, their unique sound was cemented and well received by critics and audiences, which propelled them on a tour of major festivals across Europe and Spain.

Two years later, their sophisticated musical minimalism and Iseo’s distinctive voice have found in their new album, « Roots in The Air (2017) », a new platform to develop more mature ideas and messages without leaving their naturalness and proximity behind. After two years of evolution in their sound, this album is a clear musical leap, which remains loyal to their original spirit. They released june,2018 a new single « DAME » with for the first time spanish lyrics .

Their creative and heavy bass show with the strong 4 pieces horn section brought the band on the biggest festivals in Spain like the Bilbao BBK festival, Vina Rock, Weekend beach but also on the maintsream festivals over europe like the Vieilles charrues or Printemps de Bourges in France, Bababoom in Italy. The latin american audience is nowadays acclaiming the band and the whole world seems to open their arms to this very fresh musical project.

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Nationalité : SPAIN