In 2019 CLINTON FEARON celebrates 50 years of music and career. He joined the GLADIATORS in 1969 when the Jamaican reggae band started playing music. They welcomed the young artist as singer, guitarist and then as a bass player and vocalist. The band quickly grew up and became a reference in the 70’ with tracks like “Chatty Chatty Mouth” and “Rich Man Poor Man” classics interpreted by CLINTON FEARON himself. At that time, he worked as bass player with the biggest producers too like COXSONE and LEE PERRY demonstrating his numerous advantages and being always productive.

At the end of the 80’, the GLADIATORS toured in the USA and CLINTON FEARON was of course part of it but started to feel the urge to begin a solo career. In 1989 he released a first EP with the new band THE DEFENDERS composed by some of the GLADIATORS’ members. But his solo career really started in 1994, the occasion for a large audience to discover a mystical voice.

After the MI AN’ MI GUITAR (2005) and THIS MORNING’s (2016) success CLINTON FEARON returns at the age of 68 years for a worldwide tour dedicated to these 50 years of music and career. A new single will release in June and the new album is planned for September 2019! This year will be one of respect and admiration for this reggae music’s great man who found how to cross decades with talent. One of the last Jamaican artists still able to produce new classics.

CLINTON FEARON : New maxi TIME on June 7th

“Time” CLINTON FEARON’s new single now available on digital platforms ! Recorded masterised and mixed in Seattle where CLINTON FEARONS is living now, this Read more

Label : Baco Records

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Nationalité : Jamaica

Résidence : Kingston


  • 08 octobre 2019
    Paris (75) @Le Trabendo
  • 10 octobre 2019
    Beauvais (60) @L’Ouvre Boîte
  • 11 octobre 2019
    Calais (62) @Centre Gérard Philipe
  • 12 octobre 2019
    Vernier (CH) @Festival Vernier-sur-Rock
  • 15 octobre 2019
    Riorges (42) @Les Mardi(s) du Grand Marais
  • 16 octobre 2019
    Orléans (45) @L’Astrolabe
  • 17 octobre 2019
    Brétigny-sur-Orge (91) @Le Rack’Am
  • 18 octobre 2019
    Nilvange (57) @Le Gueulard +
  • 19 octobre 2019
    Magny-le-Hongre (77) @File7
  • 20 octobre 2019
    Achères (78) @Le Sax
  • 22 octobre 2019
    Cenon (33) @Rocher de Palmer
  • 23 octobre 2019
    Montpellier (34) @L’Antirouille
  • 24 octobre 2019
    Istres (13) @L’Usine
  • 25 octobre 2019
    Sauveterre-de-Rouergue (12) @Roots’Ergue Festival
  • 26 octobre 2019
    Pradet (83) @L’Espace des Arts
  • 01 novembre 2019
    Gothenburg (DE) @Musikens Hus
  • 02 novembre 2019
    Stockholm (SE) @Nalen
  • 03 novembre 2019
    Copenhagen (DK) @Loppen