CITY KAY remains true to a Roots Vintage style mixing it with modern Electro Pop productions : impressionist references of the golden age of Roots meets atmospheric vibes, Electro beats, minimal texture and keyboards inspired by the US School. A brand-new style which could be called Abstract Roots.

The 6 musicians propose many novelties on this new EP : a futurist Hip-Hop mixed as Roots Manuva made it (« Run For Your Soul »), sounds inspired by science fiction films on a 70’ groovy Roots (« Mad Men »),  or Stepper beats accompanying a Roots lead chant (« Man Cultivation Struggle »). We can listen Jay Pharaoh’s polychromic use of voice, as comfortable in spoken word, rap and vocalize.

The EP finish with the featuring of the legendary Johnny Osbourne on a track mixing Jamaican Rocker groove and modern Pop (« Throw Away Your Guns »).

While visiting other Bass Culture’ genres, CITY KAY is playing with the codes and deconstructs its reggae until abstraction affirming its artistic singularity.

A nice overview of their new album STRANGE THINGS that you’ll can listen in March 2018.

New Video : City kay – Stranges Things

CITY KAY new videoclip – Strange Things
From the new album Strange Things now available :

NEW VIDEO : CITY LAY – Strange Things

CITY KAY blends a roots vintage groove in a modern electro pop production : the references to the Reggae godlen era mix with atmospheric layers, electronic beats, textures and keyboards inspired by the New York school from the sixties. Following the example of abstract Hip Hop, we can talk about Abstract Roots.

Album available here :

New Video : City Kay – Run Your For Soul

New City Kay Clip « Run For Your Soul » from the Ep « MAD MEN » available here:

Label : Baco Records

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Nationalité : French

Résidence : Rennes