He is a French rap that is not limited to denouncing, moaning or farting. A rap that makes you laugh and gamble, a rap that talks about the little things in life, big (and big) too.

CHEEKO, 28 years old and all his teeth, returns solo in your eardrums with humor, accuracy and poetry. He invites you to take a seat on his flying carpet for a wonderful trip to unknown land. Some punchlines well sharpened, memories in photos, a few well-read neighbors, dark parentheses, love stories messed up or sizzling … In short, everything you need to not be bored and tell yourself that the rap was not not better before.
On this very first album THE WONDERFUL JOURNEY OF CHEEKO IN THE COUNTRY OF THE FDP (#LMVDCAPDFDP, super convenient for the comm ‘but obviously it does not care) the guy has fun to undress the codes, to revive sounds sometimes lost to through 13 titles on the sinuous paths of the French language. First of all, with BLANKA, a great beatmaker with whom he has been collaborating for some years now and who is making this album, CHEEKO is not afraid to tackle taboo themes that are completely absent from the hip-hop scene. Tigerz, Fatbabs, SOAP or Yepes & Plae Casi.
Oh yes, do not look for featurings, apart from some well-received choruses, there are no guests on this record…

Why ? Because. Here.

It must be said that the MC Hidden Phases, champion of impro in his spare time, has more than one rhyme in his bag and has the gift to make you go from laughter to tears in a few fractions of beats. Speaking of beats, these are crazy : killer loops and extravagant tempos are the solid foundation of this trip not fairy but realistic in the country of the FDP.

We let you find the little phrase that goes well and that will make you smile, the one that will make you shed a tear, and the one that will make you grow the volume of the stereo !


« Restons Amis » new extract from the CHEEKO’s first album Le Merveilleux Voyage de Cheeko au Pays des FDP (The Fantastic Cheeko’s Travel in the Mother Fuckers’ Country). A new track full of humour which confirms the MC as advised writter. CHEEKO in a crooneur style (which suits him perfectly) paints small moments of life which are not last for ever but leave a long term mark.

New Album – Cheeko – Le merveilleux Voyage de Cheeko au Pays des fdp

French rapper & improvisator champion Cheeko released his first solo album today ! 13 tracks between smile and sadness, craziness and joy !


CHEEKO new videoclip – Parfait (Prod. S.O.A.P)
Le merveilleux voyage de Cheeko au pays des FDP – new album released on March 30th 2018

New Video Clip : Cheeko – Stereo

« CHEEKO takes back the control of the stereo » without making head but with a real awareness.

Clip available on YouTube !

New Video : Cheeko – Big Boï Love

New Video : Cheeko – Big Boï Love
Official Video available on YouTube

Label : Baco Records

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Nationalité : French

Résidence : Paris