To those who love snapshots, it seems as if YaniSs Odua’s Nouvelle Donne is the maturity album. Beyond this rinsed formula, it is above all a brilliant record signed by an artist who knows how to get the balance between the great sound, the good attitude and conscious lyrics.

From the first song that gives its title to the album, we are in the heart of the subject: « Nouvelle donne, éternel recommencement / Nouvel épisode, tout est cyclique en ce monde / L’horloge tourne et tourne encore, comme depuis la nuit des temps ». On the solid production of Clive Hunt, the last of the Jamaican music greats, YaniSs poses some lyrics not less solid, with honey in the mouth and militant razor blades to say no to the system, injustice, repression.

No wonder that Keny Arkana, rapper and alterglobalist, came to bring her rhymes and her passion on « écoutez-nous ! » A splendid reggae hip-hop mix. The other featuring is straight from Jamaica : Brian Gold brings his golden voice to « Feeling », more melodic and equally powerful. Throats are tied up when listening to « Refugee », narrative in the first person of an immigrant who lost everything and went to try his luck on the other side of the world after « crossing land, the desert and the sea ».

Without sacrificing to the fashion of the moment, YaniSs manages to reconcile trends and modernize reggae, incorporating the hip-hop spirit on several rhythms, accelerating the rhythm at rocksteady style for the single « La Maison Ne Fait Plus Crédit ».

Talented musicians, a unique vocal presence and strong themes. That’s why Nouvelle Donne is YaniSs Odua’s best album, of those who will turn for long on the virtual turntables of his fans and lovers of good sound roots.

Olivier Cachin

Label : Baco Records

Contact Booking : ben@bacorecords.fr

Nationalité : France

Résidence : Madinin'Africa

YANISS ODUA en concert

  • 25 novembre 2017
    Tournefeuille (31) @Festival Rebel Escape – Le Phare
  • 01 décembre 2017
    Villeurbanne (69) @Le Transbordeur
  • 02 décembre 2017
    Blois (41) @Chato’Do
  • 08 décembre 2017
    Marseille (13) @Festival Meltin’Art – Cabaret Aleatoire
  • 09 décembre 2017
    Morlaix (29) @La Nuit du Reggae
  • 15 décembre 2017
    Bobigny (93) @Canal 93
  • 16 décembre 2017
    Saint Germain en Laye (78) @La Clef
  • 27 janvier 2018
    Oignies (62) @Metaphone
  • 17 février 2018
    Villiers-Le-Bel (95) @Espace Marcel Pagnol
  • 14 avril 2018
    Saint Paul les Trois Chateaux (26) @Espace de la Gare