U-Roy’s carrier starts in 1961, when he becomes a DJ for different sound systems . He worked with King Tubby at the time when he tried out Dub.  With U-Roy as his DJ, King Tubby’s sound system became extremely popular et U-Roy becomes famous. He will then work with Lee Perry, Peter Tosh, Bunny Lee and Lloyd Daley
U-Roy’s success leads to the creation of his own sound system: the King Sturgav Sound, and to his trips around the world in search for new artists.

Created in the mid 70’s by legendary U-Roy, father of « deejaying » (ancêtre of rap),  King Sturgav  Sound System  is considered in Jamaica as the DJ’ Academy.Nombreux sont en effet les artistes qui se sont fait connaître après avoir débuté au micro lors de ses soirées régulières en plein air.
As a symbol of old school sound systems, with « Rub A Dub » rythms and cultural ideas, King Sturgav inspires many artists and has strong supporters and loyal audiences in Jamaica, USA, Canada and especially in England where people are always there whenever a concert is held.

King Sturgav is Jamaican dancehall soul and each session is like a lesson of sound system.

Label : Baco Records

Contact Booking : ben@bacorecords.fr

Nationalité : Jamaïca

Résidence : Kingston

U-ROY en concert

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