« The renewal of the African reggae scene » Usually presented as the the future of African reggae, Natty Jean was born in Senegal, where he started his musical career in Dakar at a local level. But soon, the hip hop world did not match his expectations anymore and Natty Jean found a new inspiration in reggae.  He finds guidance in Jamaican sound, and especially in Kingston’s new artists vibe (SizzlaJah MasonJah Cure… ) which gives him strength to take a new musical turn. He explores new horizons, mixing rap with African, Jamaican and American sounds.

In 2007, this new orientation leads him to Bamako, Mali where he meets famous producer Manjul (« Dub To Mali »Takana ZionBishop…). They work together on a first album « Santa Yalla », at crossroads between roots reggae, dancehall and more traditional acoustic instrumentals. Natty has a unique and accurate flow, embraced by mostly wolof lyrics (althought some are French or English). Each chord is a complete immersion in his native land’s atmosphere: Natty is the witness of African youth who no longer looks back but only far ahead, and have faith in the future.  Most texts tell stories about West African young people, their issues, dreams and cultural awareness, far past clichés of misery and poverty.  Natty Jean’s message is always positive and strong: he believes in his People and wants to spread hope.

In 2011 Natty makes a decisive encounter: French music band Danakil, recording an album in Bamako at the time. The crew immediately spots the young Senegalese artist, invites him to sing on two singles and to go with them on their « Echos du temps » tour in the spring of 2011. Natty Jean, Danakil’s then protégé, is now a member of the band who produced his album on Baco records label.  Natty performs with Danakil on stage, which gives him the opportunity to reach out to the French public.

Next logical step, in March 2012, Santa Yalla (« Merci Mon Dieu ») is out in French stores and Natty Jean performs his own first concerts. As of april 2012 he is accompanied by   Manjul and the Humble Ark Band who become his official musicians. A fruitful and efficient  collaboration that leads Natty to perform during the biggest reggae and world music festivals in France such as Musiques Métisses or the Reggae Sun Ska Festival, where he is very successful, thanks to his generosity and kindness.

He is currently recording his second album that should be released in 2018 !
And the first videos have leaked during performances with Danakil.

Label : Baco Records

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Nationalité : Senegal

NATTY JEAN en concert

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